Increasing awareness about the ocean, marine life and ecosystems by looking to the future and honoring the past. 

The MISSION of the North Shore Ocean Education Coalition (NSOEC) is to educate North Shore youth in order to protect, restore and manage the use of ocean resources and inspire local and global conservation.

Why is it important?

The North Shore is a land of supreme natural beauty that has been sustaining native cultures for upwards of 3000 years, that also includes the rich abundance of marine life found in the ocean. This strong connection to the ocean is passed down through generations with the time honored tradition of “kuleana” (responsibility) to care for this unique and very fragile place. As human tourist populations continue to grow, it becomes increasingly more difficult for Oahu’s endangered Humpback Whale, Dolphins, the threatened Green Sea Turtle and critically endangered Monk Seal population (only about 1200 left in world) to thrive. By educating the island’s youth, the NSOEC plans to protect and conserve these “native” members of the population and all the ocean’s resources for future generations.

How do they do it?

The NSOEC will assist in providing curriculum, materials, hands-on learning, place-based learning opportunities, scientists and mentors to teach children and the community to care for the ocean as the ancient Hawaiians did. To help achieve this, the Coalition will partner with other local organizations such as Turtle Bay Resort, Dolphin Quest, Monk Seal Foundation and Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuaries, among others, to help protect, restore and ensure the sustainability of the ocean, marine life and Hawaiian culture.

The Coalition also partners with the Turtle Bay Resort to throw Oceanfest, annually in June, a free community learning event with family fun games, non-profit educational booths and activities, local food, artists and entertainment.

How you can #TravelKindly:
  • Choose the North Shore Ocean Education Coalition as your local charity when you travel with Kind Traveler.
  • Educate yourself on Hawaii’s endangered wildlife by visiting any of their partnering organizations.
  • If you’re lucky enough to come across a Monk Seal hauled-out on the beach at Turtle Bay, be sure to show the proper distance and respect. 

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