Michelle Guy

Michelle has always had a passion for people, places, plants and all creatures great and small. Having been born and raised in South Africa, her interest in travel started at a young age, as most of her vacations were spent hiking in the Drakensberg Mountains, on safari in South Africa's famed game reserves or traveling through KwaZulu Natal to visit the white sand beaches and historical battlefields. Learning the latin names of plants, birds and animals as well as rocks and minerals was a common game in her family, as her grandfather was a published botanist and conservationist and loved sharing his knowledge with his children and grandchildren. This passion of botany has been passed on to her as one of her favorite hobbies if growing a Tiny Organic Garden in her backyard with enough produce to share with neighbors and friends. In addition to loving plants, animals have always played a role in her life, having had cats, dogs, a chicken, hamsters and a duck as pets. However, her favorite experience is witnessing animals in their natural environment. 

After graduating from University of Georgia, Michelle enlisted in the US Army Reserves as a Military Broadcaster and served a year deployed to Iraq. It was here that she met her husband, who she shares 3 beautiful kids with. Through his many military assignments, they have lived in California, Alabama, Georgia, Kansas and Tennessee and while relocating hasn't been easy, it has been a wonderful way to explore the various states and discover local farmers markets, state parks and attractions.  Her professional travel life began in 2002 in the hotel industry but has grown to encompass working in business development for a leading luxury Tour Operator and having the opportunity to explore the world, cultures and community over the last 16 years. Combining travel and philanthropy in a way that is beneficial to those who need it most has always been important to her and she has worked on choosing to promote accommodation that supports local communities or conservation programs. Since meeting Jessica and Sean in 2016 at a wildlife benefit, she has enjoyed following their growth and investment into sustainable and kind travel. She looks at this opportunity to be part of this wonderful team to contribute to the travel industry in a concrete and positive way. 


1.    What’s your spirit animal?
There is something about a Sea Otter that speaks to my soul. 

2.    Your favorite cause and charity and why?
Ol Pejeta is an inspirational and innovative Conservancy in Kenya, that integrates conservation, community, education and tourism. It is the largest black rhino sanctuary in East Africa, home to two of the last remaining northern white rhinos, offers the only chimpanzee sanctuary in Kenya, which was established to rehabilitate rescued black-market chimps. It manages a successful African livestock program in harmony with high density predators and supports border communities through education, healthcare and infrastructure to safeguard future wildlife custodians. In the span of 16 years, this retired ranch has become a model of sustainability and an example of what can be accomplished on 90,000 acres through authenticity, vision and investment.

3.    Your favorite travel destination that you’ve been to?
Patagonia, Chile. I fell in love with the incredible scenery while hiking there in 2011. From the monochromatic colors of yellow tundra, black peaks and blue lagoons to the soaring heights of Torres del Paine towers and the wind blown landscapes, it is full of breathtaking extremes. 

4.    Where do you dream of traveling to?
Zimbabwe and Zambia. I travelled to Zimbabwe in 2003 and Zambia in 2008. Both countries offer diverse cultures, people, scenery and so many different areas to explore, that I feel like I just touched the surface on my last two visits. This time I would love to see the majesty of Mosi o Tunya "Victoria Falls", canoe the Lower Zambezi, and do bush walks through South Luangwa. My parents both grew up in Zimbabwe, so there is a calling to return and explore places of their youth, like Matopos and Mana Pools. However, I would love for my kids and husband to join me on my next trip. 

5.    What does it mean to #TravelKindly to you?
Traveling kindly means experiencing and interacting with cultures, community, and places without any set expectations or prejudices and opening your mind and heart to all that comes your way. It's about being a steward for your environment and leaving nothing but footprints and a positive impact when you leave.