Since 1887, Mercy Home for Boys & Girls has helped more than 30,000 children and teens escape poverty, neglect, and abuse in Chicago.

Mercy Home for Boys & Girls’ MISSION is to save young lives by providing a safe, nurturing residential treatment home and AfterCare support for former residents and their families. They also provide community-based and site-based youth mentoring, promoting therapeutic, educational, vocational, spiritual and life skill development. Lastly, they are committed to raising public awareness of youth in need and encourages support to help them.

Why is it important?

Poverty, violence, gangs and crime are everyday dangers that place extra stresses on families. These stressors can endanger a child’s health and development. Each year, more and more children need care outside of their own homes simply to survive. Many no longer have a place that they can call home. At the same time, funding for not-for-profits that can provide children in need with a safe place to live is getting more and more scarce. By supporting Mercy Home for Boys & Girls, it is possible to help kids have a brighter future.

How do they do it?

Mercy Home for Boys & Girls offers kids a real home. A place where they can grow into successful men and women who will one day create loving homes for their own families. Mercy Home gives the young people in its full-time care the tools they need to develop as people, as students, and as contributing members of society. They also assist hundreds more by connecting them to a vast network of accredited professional service-agencies throughout metropolitan Chicago. As part of its care program, they partner with their children’s families to promote emotional and psychological healing. Lastly, they are highly committed to raising the public’s awareness about children in need.

How you can #TravelKindly?
  • Choose Mercy Home for Boys & Girls as your local charity of choice when you book hotels on Kind Traveler
  • Take to the streets of Chicago in March to participate in the Mercy Home March For Kids to help raise critical funds that give Mercy Home’s kids a safe, loving home
  • Run the Bank of America Chicago Marathon for Mercy Home
  • Consider volunteering by becoming a tutor or mentor if you live in Chicago

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