Helping people and nature thrive in Houston, Texas.

KHB’s MISSION is to foster awareness of the important role citizens can play in preserving Houston’s natural beauty and visual elements. As the city’s leading organization in beautification, litter reduction, and recycling education, KHB is working to make Houston one of the cleanest and most beautiful metropolitan cities in America.

Why is it important?

Clean, green streets make happier and safer places to live. Urban trees alone have been proven to reduce community crime and stress levels, as well as increase life satisfaction, and clean our air. As beautification accumulates with the addition of plants and reduction of litter, the community becomes a place that citizens feel connected to, and of which brings them pride. Also instrumental in this process is the importance that KHB places on recycling. Doing so extends Houston’s heart for green from not only a visual standpoint, but to one that positively impacts the planet, too.

How do they do it?

KHB helps Houston’s thrive by organizing hands-on programs and initiatives aimed at creating vibrant public spaces. Each year, this entails an average of 500 community projects (seven per weekend), executed by more than 15,000 volunteers–from the likes of businesses, community groups, government agencies, various neighborhoods, and the public sector. Lastly (but far from least!) KHB is also involved in youth programming to inspire the importance of clean, green lifestyles in Houstonians from an early age. Efforts here have included building an outdoor classroom on school grounds, as well as offering supplemental environmental curriculum and education programming.

How you can #TravelKindly:
  • Choose Keep Houston Beautiful as your local charity when you travel with Kind Traveler.
  • Pick up any trash you see while traveling Kindly in Houston (and anywhere, for that matter!).
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle: ALWAYS. The planet needs our active protection now more than ever.
  • Participate in Keep Houston Beautiful Day (April 8th, 2017) for one of the organization’s biggest volunteer events of the year. You’ll assist in street cleanups, as well as several other beautification projects.
  • Attend the fall Mayor’s Proud Partner’s Award Luncheon to support KHB, where Houston’s mayor will recognize outstanding environmental and beautification projects, and those Kind people who execute them.      

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