By providing hope and assistance, ACTS aims to close the door on homelessness in the greater Richmond community.

The MISSION of ACTS (Area Congregations Together in Service) is to provide funds, support and other resources to Richmond neighbors in financial crisis, enabling them to live sustainable, self-sufficient and dignified lives.  

Why is it important?

ACTS clients are hard-working, low-income people who live paycheck to paycheck, however, one unexpected expense such as a car or house repair bill can destroy their budget. ACTS doesn't offer a band-aid but instead offers a solution by offering people in immediate financial crisis facing an unstable living environment funds to help offset rent, mortgage or utility bills. More importantly, helping to keep families intact and in their homes.

How do they do it?

ACTS works in cooperation with more than 50 area congregations and other partner organizations throughout Richmond and the surrounding counties that refer families and hard-working individuals who for one reason or another find themselves unable to make ends meet. They are people who need financial and other assistance to get through their financial crisis and in many cases are not eligible for other financial resources. Often, these families face the threat of eviction because of the situation they find themselves in. 

Trained case managers on the ACTS staff contact each referral and after an initial phone conversation will arrange a meeting with eligible clients during which their needs and solutions are discussed in depth. One of the first things done in an assessment is to examine the client’s individual budget. In many cases this is the first time the client has ever done this and, with guidance from the professional caseworker, they begin to see more clearly, often for the first time, that the key to making ends meet is to ensure that expenses do not exceed income. 

Most often, funds provided by ACTS are used for utilities, rent and mortgage. In 2016 alone, ACTS received 833 referrals and financially assisted 291 households comprising 674 people including 287 who were under the age of 18. In addition, ACTS was able to offer 472 additional households other more appropriate resources to address their individual needs.

How you can #TravelKindly:
  • Choose ACTS as your local charity when you book hotels with Kind Traveler
  • Join local residents and volunteer to help build awareness of ACTS and with preparation of events
  • Help local organizations manage collection drives for daily essentials, such as hygiene, toiletries, cleaning and paper products

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